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Hi, I'm Sachiko. 

I help women over 40 improve their back pain and feel younger

with simple Pilates exercises at home.


What I do

Hi, I’m Sachiko from Minneapolis. 

I help women over 40 improve their back pain and feel younger even if they have tried everything and nothing has worked.

Join my
Back Pain away Program

My at-home Pilates program is designed for women over 40 to reduce their persisting back pain so they can do what they love and feel younger.

The program guarantees to improve your back pain by 60% in 6 weeks. 

Holistic approach

Pain is complex. 

This program takes a comprehensive approach to address and reduce your back pain.

Pilates exercises



Lifestyle adjustment

This program will work for you even if you

  • Have tried other methods (Massage, Chiropractic etc) but your back pain did not go away. 

  • Are afraid of making your back worse.

  • Struggle with motivation.

  • Don't know where to start.

  • Feel that no one understands your pain.

  • Are losing hope.

WHat is included

Price: US$600




How it works

This is an active recovery program.  You will be responsible to do the following 5 simple and effective things each week to reduce your back pain. 


My role is to lead you to success.  I will provide you a tailored program for your unique needs.  I will also motivate and support you as well as monitor your progress.  

1. Attend 2 x 45-minute online semi-private Pilates sessions over Zoom 


2. Do 2 x 10-minute home workouts 

3. Make small lifestyle adjustments   e.g. go to bed earlier

4. Send me a report after you do your home workout and lifestyle adjustment action 


5. Respond to my texts within 24 hours

If you do those 5 things for 6 weeks, your back pain will improve at least by 60%, or I will keep working with you with no additional cost until it does. 

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