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Hi, I'm Sachiko  

I help clients build strength / flexibility / control and manage pain in my Pilates studio in South Minneapolis

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What I do

Hi, I’m Sachiko.  I am a certified Pilates instructor working in my studio in South Minneapolis.  

I help clients of any physical conditions and needs build strength, flexibility and control, manage pain, and achieve their specific goals through private sessions.  

When I am not teaching Pilates, you will find me dancing Flamenco, reading good books, growing vegetables, and walking around the lakes with my friends and pooches.  

Yoga Class

Get Stronger and experience less pain with me

I specialize in rehabilitation and pain management.  My sessions are goal-oriented.  My clients and I work together to set, track and achieve their goals that are important for them.

My studio near Lake Bde Maka Ska is equipped with a Reformer, a convertible Cadillac, a Chair, a Tower and a TRX.

get stronger with pilates

I incorporate the most updated and evidence-based physical guidelines in order to get my clients' bodies stronger and more resilient.  Based on their needs, I also introduce flexibility, coordination and balance exercises so that they can achieve their goals and do what they love in their daily lives.

Holistic approach to manage pain

Pain is complex. 

Besides Pilates exercises, I guide clients to address and reduce their pain by taking a comprehensive approach.

Pilates exercises



Lifestyle adjustment


Updated in July, 2023

A 50-minute private session: $80+tax

A 10x 50-minute private package (good for 3 months): $700+tax 

Tom K.

"I suffer from Osteoarthritis with a knee and shoulder replacement. I have tried acupuncture, chiropractic treatment and physical therapy but did not find the relief I sought until Pilates with Sachiko."

Judy M.

"Sachiko's guidance and expertise make working with her enjoyable.  I suffer from joint pain, and it has brought me a significant improvement.  I always feel better physically and emotionally after working with sachiko"

Start private Pilates with me in my Minneapolis studio today

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